Far infrared rays – effects on human body

Naturally, THE SUN gives us LONG-WAVE INFRARED RAYS in certain parts of the day. This beneficial spectrum of solar rays we receive in the morning and late afternoon (in the sunny days).

Long-wave (far) infrared rays are very important for our health and can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath the skin! Because of this, infrared rays acts deeply on our body cells, heals and regenerates them.

Some of the health benefits:

– promotes the oxygenation operation of the body, which prevents the fat from being stored and it promotes general well-being
stimulates sweating, which dissolves and removes fat under the skin

– stimulates the cell functions, heals the skin and results in weight loss
– activates the body operations, which promote the hormone operations and remove impurities, such as heavy metals from the body

– gives energy that stimulate metabolism and removes fatigue
– it is physical therapy for muscle and nervous system problems. It balances the operation of the nervous system by relieving the muscle pain.

– removes pain, relieves infections and activates the immune system
– recovers the cells and prevents the veins from blocking, renews neurons that recover the sense of touch and muscle operation

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