Features of magnetic jewelry

Features of magnetic jewelry and its health benefits are result of its components: magnets, far infrared rays, negative ions and germanium. Magnets (pure steel color):  Improve the body’s immune function, mainly used to relief dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, irritability and dreaminess. Have benefits to balance and coordination, to neural system, to blood vessel system, promote blood […]

Health benefits of titanium bracelets

What are the health benefits of titanium bracelets? Do you wonder why TENNIS PLAYERS often WEARING THE TITANIUM BRACELETS? Titanium and the body are well-matched. Take a look at all the different gadgets that are placed in the human body. They are all made from titanium. Titanium is very resistant to damage as it is […]

A few words about our posts

Until recently, our site was just a shopping site. Encouraged with you, our dear customers, we decided to go a step further. We’ve started posting about health topics. And how our products can help you to improve it. We believe that we’ll never be boring to you. Maybe we’ll somethimes  write about things that be […]

Far infrared rays – effects on human body

Naturally, THE SUN gives us LONG-WAVE INFRARED RAYS in certain parts of the day. This beneficial spectrum of solar rays we receive in the morning and late afternoon (in the sunny days). Long-wave (far) infrared rays are very important for our health and can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath the skin! […]

Energy magnetic bracelets

Why energy magnetic bracelets? For over 20 years, our personal interests are related to the topic of health and how to improve it. Whenever we could, we have always tried to solve our health problems in the most natural way. Nature is amazing by itself. Every day it gives us everything we need for a […]